June 2011

Farming women love to swap notes and keep up to date with the goings on in others’ lives and enterprises. For this reason, the calendar of events now includes an occasional monthly meeting designed just for catching up. In June, on what might have been the coldest day of the year to date, women gathered at a member’s property at Neerim. It was an ideal day for gathering warmly indoors, out of the mud, the gumboots and the icy weather.

The scenic uplands in this region of West Gippsland provide expansive views of rolling dairy hills, with the more distant Strzelecki Ranges. The day’s activities provided opportunities to learn more about Arabian horses and endurance riding, as well as a walk through the local historic cemetery. Headstones which are clear enough to be read indicate the importance of settlers’ names in geographic features. For example: Hamono, McDougal and McCullough are district road names which link back to earlier farming families. A few WOF members also found links to distant relatives who had been interred at Neerim.

Women of all ages are welcome to join Women on Farms. The key criterion is an interest in farming and farming women – you do not have to be a farmer to participate. Our next group activity will be a day’s adventure to the sheep and wool show in Bendigo on 15 July. This will entail a very early bus departure for those interested in attending. Phone the Secretary for more details – Jenny Stephenson 9 700 0282 or, for information about the 2011 calendar of activities look at the website www.womenonfarms.org

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