June, 2016

Bassine Specialty Cheeses on the Bass Highway, Bass

Women on Farms members spent a great day sampling the efforts of a team of dedicated people at Bassine Specialty Cheeses. The attention to detail in looking after a special product was evident in all parts of production. Kaye Courtney makes wonderful cheeses from the milk her partner Glen Bisognin milks from their Holstein Friesian cows. Recently Tony has added his skills to the team as a master cheese maker to expand the range products available to include soft white molded cheeses such as, brie, camembert feta, marinated feta, spreads and Quark.to semi hard cheeses and hard cheeses with names such as San Remo and Gurdies along with cream, yoghurt and pasteurized but not homogenized milk. Hallumi and ricotta style cheese are also made.

This successful farm gate store has expanded into an outlet for their products plus those of other local producers and cheese making classes. Visitors can stock up on wine, cheese, preserves and more while enjoying great coffee and tasting platters.

Kaye has been working with dairy cattle off and on for many years while also working in the corporate world. In 2006 she joined Glen on his family dairy farm at Bass and her passion for cheese making expanded. Extensive travel for cheese making workshops and marketing research coupled with determination to get through all the health regulations has resulted in the current factory and farm gate store. It seems the production activities are growing bigger all the time with demand for quality products ever increasing. Social media has also be used very effectively by customers wanting local supplies.

Currently the farm gate store is open at weekends and public holidays but Bassine Specialty Cheeses products and Bass River Dairy’s milk are available at local IGA and other stores. Only some of the milk produced on farm goes into their products so there is room for more production ahead.

It all sounds easy, follow your dreams and it will all come about. Kaye and the committed team at Bassine Specialty Cheeses continue working hard to produce a premium product to a growing band of appreciative customers.