May, 2017

On a cold, rainy day Women on Farms members and some visitors took a coach ride to the Desalination Plant at Wonthaggi. The plant is almost hidden in the sand dunes and plantings on the approach. Kangaroos calmly watched the latest visitors to drive past the well planted and sculptured landscape.

A warm welcome was given to the group and an informative talk was presented. The room held several interesting story boards and displays. After the presentation everyone had a more informed view of the project. The plant was in full operation but no noise came through the triple glazed observation window. A coach tour of the very neat and tidy site ended the visit. Thank you to all for the great visit.

A visit to the State Coal Mine at Wonthaggi was next on the days activities. A cool lunch was taken in the BBQ area sheds while the wind and rain continued. The group then broke into two for a guided mine tour. Into cages on a small trolley train the group descended into the mine. Disembarking into a spacious tunnel tales of how the coal was removed, pit ponies activities, dangerous, cramped working conditions and the miner’s support of each other in the working groups kept everyone interested. The first group returned after an hour but the second group were underground for two hours without realising the time.