October, 2016

Poplargrove Mediterrean Miniature Donkeys, Drouin South

Spring has arrived and baby donkeys were happily greeting the Women on Farms group at Andrea’s beautiful farm. Unfortunately the weather was cold and wet at times but the adorable donkeys won over everyone’s hearts.

These donkeys are small, they are used for showing, as pets, breeding, pulling small carts or carrying packs on walks. Stockmarket’s Pocket Change, a jack imported from USA is only 28 inches high at his wither. He was enjoying his time with a few jennies while there were 4 of his lovely foals to greet the women. Donkeys are loveable and when given time to work things out will do most things asked of them. They are hardy animals that enjoy eating a variety of herbs and trees as well as grass.

Temperament is the most import trait Andy breeds for; she has imported several animals from the USA to get the best bloodlines. The usual husbandry work of teeth, feet, and vaccinations are attended and mineral licks provided. Donkeys are very stoic and their blood does not clot well so any serious injuries and gelding require special immediate attention. Donkeys can founder so watching their weight at this time of year is part of the care they receive.

Andy came to donkey breeding about 13 years ago after breeding paint and quarter horses. Moving to the farm with a house, a grove of young poplar trees and a magnificent oak tree she has transformed the place with an extensive garden, shedding, stables and yards. All the paddocks .are surrounded by shelter belts and sheds. The donkeys were very keen to shelter out of the rain.

The donkeys come in a variety of colours, grey, black, brown with spots and all donkeys have the cross markings over their shoulder and backline. Some of the donkeys were classes as “woolies” These donkeys had long hair, about 100mm in length and were even more adorable.

Special care is given to all the donkeys with Andi present at all births and all the animals are hugged and kissed everyday. Their friendliness showed the great love and care lavished on them. Occasionally some are for sale but you always need at least two donkeys to keep each other company. There is a waiting list and prospective owners have to be suitable to ever be lucky enough to own any of these delightful donkeys.