September 2010

On a foggy morning Women on Farms arrived at Margaret Young’s property in Yarragon South. Margaret is a member of Women on Farms and two years ago bought her dream property of 15 acres set among the climbing hills.

Margaret was a school teacher and after retiring decided to return to her childhood roots, going in search of a property which would fulfil all her requirements. Sold her house in Caulifield quickly and bought the property she now calls home.

Margaret’s house is surrounded by a one acre garden which is work in progress. The garden is divided up into ‘rooms’, herb garden, orchard, bankment plants, hen house and just a delight to walk around. There is a flowering plant to see in whichever way you look and lift your eyes above ground level and one is spell bound by the wonderful northerly views looking down towards Yarragon and beyond.

The 15 acres are agisted to another family who run cattle. The property has two dams. The largest dam required work to stop the leakage upon Margaret’s arrival, all the water had to be drained out twice. Thanks to a wet winter this dam is now over flowing and we were able to see trout jumping during our inspection time around the dams.

The meeting was a relaxed and friendly one with time to chat and many members went home with plant cuttings from Margaret’s garden. Margaret also shared with us something of her previous life when she joined an older performing women’s circus. Margaret has been called upon to stilt walk in the local community and she is happy to perform to keep her skills up.

Women of all ages are welcome to join Women on Farms. The key criterion is an interest in farming and farming women – you do not have to be a farmer to participate. Our October farm visit will be Tuesday 5th October to the Alpine Trout Farm, Noojee. Phone the secretary for more details – Jean Irvine on 56221236, or for information about the 2010 calendar of activities look at the website