Whats On

January to June, 2019

5th February, 2019  –  20th Annual General Meeting  –  Tynong

5th March, 2019  –  Kentsie Murray Greys, Labertouche

2nd April, 2019  –  No meeting

7th May, 2019  –  Happy Valley Free Range Pigs, Warragul South

4th June, 2019  –  Department of Primary Industries  –  Ellinbank

Tuesday 6th February, 2019  –  20th Annual General Meeting  –  Tynong

Margaret Young’s daughter, Dr. Morag Young has a PhD in Medical Science from Monash University.  She is currently at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research situated at the Monash Medical Centre.  Her current research is about heart disease and the hormones that cause it.  She has her own laboratory there and works with clinicians and supervises PhD students among other work.  She has collaborated with researchers around the world and has studied and worked in Texas and North Carolina.  She also collaborates with her husband Dr. Colin Clyne, who also works at the Hudson Institute. 

She will tell us about how she reached where she is now and her work so far.

Contact: Organiser is Rosa Wedmore

Tuesday 5th March, 2019  –  Kentsie Murray Grey, Labertouche

Melinda Kent runs Kentsie Murray Grey Stud on 100 acres at picturesque Labertouche.  She has 60 breeders and runs them in conjunction with her father’s property at Pakenham.  Melinda sells breeding heifers privately and supplies meat locally to Longwarry Meat Safe butcher who requires a 220 kg carcass.  Melinda is President of the Gippsland Murray Grey Breeders Group and is involved in running the cattle section of Farm World.  She and her husband own the Drouin Sand and Soil business and also run a trucking business.

Contact: Organiser is Hilary Steenholdt

Tuesday 2nd April, 2019  –  No meeting

As this is only 2 days after the 30th Gathering, the Committee has decided to cancel this day.

Tuesday 7th May, 2019  –  Happy Valley Free Range Pigs  –  Warragul South

Farmer Jo & husband Andrew Stritch started their free range pigs in 2011 in Wandin North.  In 2016 they moved to Gippsland.  Being horrified with sow stalls, they learnt about raising pigs free range, travelling to Sydney to attend courses.  Their property is situated in a lovely valley and promises many nice views when we take the farm walk.

Pork and small goods available – bacon, roasts and sausages.  You have not tasted pork until you have eaten free range.  Selling much of what they produce at markets, I’m hoping some will be available on the WOF day.

Contact: Organiser is Joan Templar

Tuesday 4th June, 2019  – Department of Primary Industries  –  Ellinbank

Fiona Baker and others will talk to us on the latest research covering pastures, nutrient management, etc.  There may be a walk to see the pasture plots – weather permitting

Contact: Organiser is Lyn Link